September 16, 2021

Useful Webflow Templates. Part 1.

Hey there! This is the first selection in a series of the most useful Webflow templates to use in your own projects and it includes an app features showcasing landing page, a horizontal scroll website, a section-by-section scroll website that utilizes scrollify.js, a CMS-powered slider, and an accordion for the FAQ section.

Scrolling app features responsive

Extremely cool landing page template to showcase your or your client's mobile app features in a modern way. The main reason that this template is so cool is in the way elements works. Everything is based on scroll interaction, so when you scroll the page down you'll see images changing in the mockup as well as description texts on the side! It makes a really unique interaction and adds a storytelling feeling to the website. Oh, and the template design works across all devices, so no need to worry about responsiveness!

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Section Scroll interaction

This template has an unusual scroll behavior. Opposite to all regular websites, this one has a section-to-section scroll interaction, so when the user scrolls through the website the section smoothly "jumps" one to another instead of just a regular scroll that we're all familiar with. To achieve this, template author used the scrollify.js script, which can be customized if u need to. But, honestly, everything works perfectly as is. The template is also responsive.

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Hokaido Free Horizontal Scrolling Template

Horizontal scrolling websites fans – this template is for you! The most interesting thing here isn't just CMS-based, horizontal scrolling items, but seamless transition between the home page and CMS content page (which could be a blog post, project, etc.). The Hokaido teplate is adapted for desktops, but it have to be slightly modified for mobile phones.

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CMS Slider

Building custom sliders in Webflow is a pain. Custom sliders that uses Webflow CMS are squared pain. There is no easy way to build a CMS-powered slider without going crazy. But! There is a gorgerous template that solves exactly this particular problem, and even works on desktops and mobile devices. Sounds great, right? Also, a bit of code was used under the hood of this template to make it work. Nothing super-complicated, just a few lines that connects a third-party library.

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FAQ Section Template

FAQ sections are found on almost every landing page and company website on the internet. Which means there's no need to reinvent the wheel by building an accordions every time the FAQ is needed. Just copy this template and save time. The author even made the open and close animation! Works on desktops and mobile phones.

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